A New Smocked Dress

Today’s post is to show off my mom’s handiwork. Every year my mom will make my daughter dresses and most of them are smocked. She (my mom, I mean) learnt to smock specially for my daughter i.e. when she knew that I was pregnant with a girl. Ain’t my daughter spoilt by her grandma. 😉

This is the latest addition to the collection of smocked dress made by my mom for my daughter:

Smocked dress handmade from scratch by mom

Smocked dress handmade from scratch by mom

The collar is trimmed by tatted edging that I made (and which I wrote about in an earlier post).  The pleat at the skirt is supposed to be trimmed all round with the same edging as well but I just didn’t have time (or patience) to tat such a long edging (even if its just a simple pattern of rings and chains).

I think my mom made this dress to be worn during Chinese New Year this year (which will be in late February). As I’m writing this post, my mom is working on yet another smocked dress. This time, it’s meant for my daughter’s birthday in March.

I asked my mom why she never made me any dress when I was little. Her answer was “How can I sew anything when you sit on the cloth every time I try to cut it?” Well, what else can I say after that. I’m just glad that my daughter gets to enjoy all the lovely dresses that her grandma put such effort in making.

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A little chef in the making?

Last weekend was the 2nd time I made egg muffins using a recipe I found on Facebook and my daughter was more than happy to help me. She had a great time breaking the eggs and beating them up. Most of all she is most happy with the apron my mom made her.

In the apron grandma made

In the apron grandma made

Helping to break the eggs.

Helping to break the eggs.

The egg muffins

The egg muffins

Of course, she made a little mess in the kitchen – spilling some of the egg mixture which she insisted on pouring into the tray. But at least she likes to help out.

I’m not sure if she’ll really eat any of those muffins (she’s a picky eater) but I like them. They are easy to make and you can just add in any type of fillings. For my muffins, I added chicken and mushrooms. I absolutely love mushrooms. I must try them with other fillings.

If you are interested to try them, the recipe is as follows:


6 eggs

1 tablespoon of milk

Filling – it can be anything you like (vegies, cheese, meat, etc). I used sauteed chicken and mushroom

Salt & pepper


Heat the oven to 200 deg C.

Beat the eggs with milk and add salt & pepper to taste. Grease a muffin tray, add in the fillings of your choice and pour in the egg mixture. Place the muffin tray in the centre rake of the pre-heated oven and bake for 20 – 25 minutes or until eggs are set. Once cooked, take out the tray and let it cool before removing the eggs from the tray.



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Woohoo! I got orders for tatted brooch

Just a few days after I published my post – A new adventure – setting up “shop”, my colleague asked me to make her a brooch based on the Rose & Diamond pattern. So this is what I made her:

Diamond & Roses Brooch

Diamond & Roses Brooch

When another colleague saw the brooch, the other colleague asked me to make 4 brooches for her daughter! I was so excited. More exciting is when she requested for another 1 brooch for her niece recently!

She left it up to me to decide the patterns. So far I have completed 3 brooches and I’m still searching for patterns for the remaining 2 brooches.

This is what the 3 completed brooch looks like….

Deaconess Butterfly according to pattern re-written by Carolyn Groves

Deaconess Butterfly according to pattern re-written by Carolyn Groves



Two layer tatted flower by Jennifer Williams with faux pearl

Two layer tatted flower by Jennifer Williams with faux pearl

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Merry Christmas

Festivities are in the air……

Christmas trees are up, presents are wrapped. So, I would like to wish everyone “A merry and blessed Christmas and Happy New Year”!!!

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A new adventure – setting up “shop”

I have wanted to know if I would be able to selling my tatting for a long time and at last, I have put that to the test. I put my 1st tatting up for sale in a blog specifically created for that purpose in October this year. Unfortunately, until now I have no orders. 😩

Then I made some simple star-shaped Christmas tree ornaments for my friend to sell at her stall at a Christmas bazaar last weekend. There was also no sale. The feedback was that they were too expensive. Here’s a picture of the ornaments.


I’m not giving up on this “adventure” yet and would love to hear your thoughts, advice and feedback on how to go about selling crafts. I would love to be able to fund my hobby this way.

If you have time, please visit my other blog (http://tat-a-tale.blogspot.com/) and let me know what you think.

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I had a very “crafty” day yesterday

Yesterday, I really had a day filled with crafting. It started off in the morning with me finishing a ribbon necklace for a tatted pendant. It’s going to be for a Christmas exchange event organized by a local craft shop. Here’s a picture of the pendant with a little of the necklace showing. The pendant pattern is my own – inspired by Accidental Heart pattern and Priscilla Yoke Earrings pattern.


While I was working on the necklace, my 4 year old daughter was playing with my wire jewellry supplies – trying to make her own jewelry and she came up with a pretty cool pattern. She chose the colour of the wire and the elements. So I decided to use the pattern for a shawl pin. The picture of the pin is below:



Next, I made another shawl pin with Jeanne Lugert’s 3D Rose pattern.


During the evening, I started on making a tatted edging for my daughter’s new dress that my mom is making. This is the picture of the collar which the edging will go on.



The dress is smocked dress and my mom has finished the smocking and is now putting all the pieces together. I’ll put up a picture of the dress once it’s done.

Hmmmm…….. I think I should learn smocking next. What do you think?

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I’m back to posting and have a new hobby

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything. My last post was almost 6 months ago. How time flies. I didn’t even realise that I haven’t posted for so long.

I’ve been learning a new craft for the last few months. Though this blog is dedicated to tatting, I would like to share my new hobby here as well. I’m now also into making wire jewellry. Here are some of my end results:

IMG_4390 (1) IMG_4519 IMG_4584

The flower is my first experiment based on the techniques I have learnt. My friend requested that I make ear cuffs. I’ve experimented with some patterns and come up with a pattern that I liked but unfortunately, when I tested wearing it in public for the first time, I lost 1 side when it feel off my ear. Now, I have to re-look into making it stay better. I didn’t even manage to take a picture of the ear cuff.

I’ll see what I can do next.

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