I had a very “crafty” day yesterday

Yesterday, I really had a day filled with crafting. It started off in the morning with me finishing a ribbon necklace for a tatted pendant. It’s going to be for a Christmas exchange event organized by a local craft shop. Here’s a picture of the pendant with a little of the necklace showing. The pendant pattern is my own – inspired by Accidental Heart pattern and Priscilla Yoke Earrings pattern.


While I was working on the necklace, my 4 year old daughter was playing with my wire jewellry supplies – trying to make her own jewelry and she came up with a pretty cool pattern. She chose the colour of the wire and the elements. So I decided to use the pattern for a shawl pin. The picture of the pin is below:



Next, I made another shawl pin with Jeanne Lugert’s 3D Rose pattern.


During the evening, I started on making a tatted edging for my daughter’s new dress that my mom is making. This is the picture of the collar which the edging will go on.



The dress is smocked dress and my mom has finished the smocking and is now putting all the pieces together. I’ll put up a picture of the dress once it’s done.

Hmmmm…….. I think I should learn smocking next. What do you think?


About tattedtale

I'm a Malaysian living in Kuala Lumpur. I love to travel, read, tat and recently, make wire and beaded accessories.
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1 Response to I had a very “crafty” day yesterday

  1. Shuttlebirds says:

    Looks beautiful!

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