A new adventure – setting up “shop”

I have wanted to know if I would be able to selling my tatting for a long time and at last, I have put that to the test. I put my 1st tatting up for sale in a blog specifically created for that purpose in October this year. Unfortunately, until now I have no orders. 😦

Then I made some simple star-shaped Christmas tree ornaments for my friend to sell at her stall at a Christmas bazaar last weekend. There was also no sale. The feedback was that they were too expensive. Here’s a picture of the ornaments.


I’m not giving up on this “adventure” yet and would love to hear your thoughts, advice and feedback on how to go about selling crafts. I would love to be able to fund my hobby this way.

If you have time, please visit my other blog (http://tat-a-tale.blogspot.com/) and let me know what you think.


About tattedtale

I'm a Malaysian living in Kuala Lumpur. I love to travel, read, tat and recently, make wire and beaded accessories.
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4 Responses to A new adventure – setting up “shop”

  1. Gardi89 says:

    Have you tried setting up an online shop on a website dedicated to handmade products? That would give you an advantage of dealing with people who look specifically for handmade things, and may have better understanding how pricing works for such things than people on bazaars and the like. If you didn’t, maybe you should check some of sites like etsy, dawadna or artfire(that one is quite expensive if I remember correctly). Etsy is, I think, the largest one, and people from around the world are selling there. I opened shop there in August last year, but my shop was really, actively opened for something like 5 month(some 4 months in 2013 and November this year) and I’ve just made my 5th sale this weekend. Why I’m telling you this is that I’m based in Northern Ireland, but 4 of those sales came from the USA, so I think this shows Etsy’s outreach.
    And also you should probably look into social media for means of advertising your work. If you’re comfortable with facebook, set up a profile or a fanpage and show your tatting there – you will reach larger audience this way. Pinterest is also a good way for connecting with potential customers. But all that takes time (and a lot of it, at that). If you have profile on any social network, add links to your blogs there as well.

    I hope this helps a least a bit 🙂

  2. notewords says:

    Nice work! I think most people don’t realise how slow tatting is, particularly compared with crochet. Good luck and keep trying! I have plans to try and sell some of my tatting as well.

    I went past your blog, but it doesn’t want to let me leave a comment…

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