Welcome to my blog.

My name is Sook Yi and I’m from Malaysia. This blog is dedicated to my adventures (or mis-adventures) in tatting.

I started tatting in December 2012. I have been attracted to tatting long before learning to tat. I didn’t know what it was called then – all I knew was that they were such lovely laces.

During one of the trip to a local craft store with my mom (my mom is an avid “patchworker” and “smocker”), I found a pattern book for gorgeous tatted jewelry. Being addicted to jewelry as I am, that really caught my attention. So I decided that I wanted to learn tatting.

Unfortunately, I could not find a teacher that suited my time. As I’m working full time, I’m only available for lessons on weekends. Luckily, one particular craft store owner suggested I check out the internet as one of her clients learnt to tat through the internet.

That’s what I did and voila….. here I am – creating a blog on tatting. 🙂



2 Responses to About

  1. Giak Siam says:

    Hi, I am from Malaysia too and love tatting but just started back only this year. Knew the craft since secondary but lost in touch with it.

    • tattedtale says:

      Hi. Glad to hear from you. There are quite a number os tatters in Malaysia. There is a facebook page as well – Malaysian Tatters if you are interested to join. 😊

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