A new post after a long silence

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything.

I have been really busy at work and with other things. That left me little time to write but I’m back!

So what have I been up to during all this time? Seriously, I can’t remember. Have you experience one of those periods where time seem to just fly by and you just can’t remember what you did or what you achieved? Well, I had one of those moments. Before I know it, it’s already June and half a year has gone by.

Anyway, I had a good break from work and re-charged myself recently. I had a holiday in Japan! Yeah! I went to Osaka and Tokyo with my mom and my daughter. Unfortunately, hubby can’t join and my dad doesn’t like travelling. So it was just us, the ladies.

I planned a rather ambitious itinerary and did not manage to complete all of it. I thought I was still young and have the necessary energy when I did the planning. It turns out I wasn’t any longer. Anyway, it rained really heavily for a few days when we were there. That affected our itinerary as well.

We still had a great time with a few adventures along the way. One of it was a deer trying to eat my daughter’s cardigan. We had a tug-of-war with the deer and manage to get the cardigan back but the deer chewed a hole in it. Another adventure also involved a deer. This time the deer ate my map!

You must be thinking that Osaka and Tokyo are filled with deers. The deers are found on Miyajima island (near Hiroshima) and in Nara. There are free-roaming deers every where near the temples as they are believed to be messengers of god and they are very used to human. So it’s easy to go near and pet the deers.

Feeding deer in Nara

Feeding deer in Nara

Japan is heaven for crafters. The craft stores are so well stocked with everything related to every type of craft and craft stores comes in all sizes. I really love this particular craft store in Tokyo. If you are a crafter and happen to visit Tokyo, you should really visit this shop. It’s called Okadaya and it’s near the Shinjuku metro and JR train stations. It has several floors and each floor is dedicated to a different craft. I love the knitting and crochet section as that was where I found all the tatting supplies. Lots of threads which I don’t find in Malaysia. I would have bought more if I had more luggage space.

My loot from Okadaya, Tokyo

My loot from Okadaya, Tokyo

Initially, I thought I went to the wrong shop as the ground floor looked like a cosmetic shop with fake eyelashes, wigs, cosmetic, etc. However, the floor directory shows that the upper floors are dedicated to all sorts of crafts. For those who likes to sew, Okadaya also have another building just opposite for textiles – all sorts of textiles. My mom loves to sew dresses for my daughter. So she bought quite a bit of materials from there. I think it’s a great alternative for those who don’t have time to visit Nippori Textile Town in Tokyo.

I really would like to visit Japan again. Hopefully, I will get to do so again and I’ll make sure I have enough luggage space for all the tatting supplies.

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Not about tatting this time…….

I’m afraid there won’t be any eye candy in this post or anything about tatting.

I just found out that my mom needs to operations this week. She has been feeling pain around her waist for quite some time and always thought that it was either gastric or muscle pain. It got really bad last weekend so she went to a GP. The GP told her that it could be kidney stones and told her to see a specialist to get a scan if it didn’t get better. It actually got worse on Sunday, so we went to a specialist on yesterday.

It turns out that she didn’t have kidney stones but gall bladder stones which is more difficult to manage. To top it up, one of the stones has gotten into the bile duct and causing her pain. Though it not life-threatening, it needs to be removed soon as it may cause infection in the duct or jaundice. So to settle it once an for all, she needs two operations – the first is to remove the stones from the bile duct and 24 hours later another operation to remove the gall bladder as well.

It’s really stressful for my mom as she has had numerous surgeries in the past. She is really a very strong woman. She survived breast cancer twice when she was in her thirties (now she is in her late sixties). She had to have both her breast removed then. After that she had to undergo a knee surgery followed by spine surgery. In addition, she had two cataract surgeries as her cataracts were affecting her sight. During all these surgeries, she did all that she could so that we don’t have to worry about her. She took care of herself during the recovery period and was hardly dependent on anyone then.

She is really an awesome woman. Despite of all her health problems, she is positive and cheerful all the time. She spends her time looking after two households, my brothers and mine, while we are at work. That includes looking after three grandchildren. She mantra is that you only live once. So eat, travel and enjoy life while you still can walk. She is also an avid needle woman. She loves to sew and she sew most of my daughter’s dresses. She specially learnt to smock when she knew that I was expecting a girl. I’ll post some of her handiwork in my posts. For the next few weeks, she will need to put aside her sewing and rest a while.



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Secret Shuttle Exchange – Thanks, Marla

I just received my package from my partner in Wicked Nothing’s Secret Shuttle Exchange. It’s from Marla from Idaho.  Look what she sent me……

My Secrete Shuttle Exchange items from Marla

My Secrete Shuttle Exchange items from Marla

Handmade wooden shuttle - made by Marla

Handmade wooden shuttle – made by Marla

Isn’t the shuttle beautiful? This is my first flat shuttle. Is this also know as a Lady Hoare Shuttle? I can’t wait to test it out together with the thread she sent me. I wonder what I should tat?

Some of you may notice that she also sent me floss threaders. I learnt from other tatters that floss threaders are great for “magic thread trick” as well as to thread beads. I was also told that they can only be found in US! Marla read my mind. I have a trip to US coming up this December and one of the things in my to-buy list is the floss threader. How did she know I wanted them? 🙂

If you are interested to see what other participants received, you can visit Wicked Nothing’s blog :http://wickedtatsshroomfield.blogspot.com/

Now, I’m just waiting for confirmation that my partner received the package I sent. I hope it didn’t get lost in the post.

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I made myself a choker…….or so I thought

Last Tuesday was a public holiday in Malaysia. So I thought I will make myself a choker like the one I made for my friend. I used 2 colours – Lizbeth Honey Drizzle and Lizbeth Mocha Brown. It took me longer to tat this choker and I was pretty frustrated as the Honey Drizzle thread keeps twisting and breaking when I close rings! I really liked the Honey Drizzle colour so I refused to give up and had to be really careful when closing rings.


Broken thread

After work the next day, I managed to attach the findings and before I know it, my daughter claimed the choker as hers. This is a picture of her wearing it. I had to coax her out of it when she changed into her pajamas.


My daughter with “her” new choker

So there goes my choker. Sigh…… I guess now I have to make another 1 for myself which actually isn’t too bad. Hmmmmm……. what do you think if I made another in black with aqua blue beads?

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Busy but fruitful weekend

Last weekend was pretty busy for me. The whole family went out shopping. I bought new shuttles – 2 pairs of them. One pair (and some thread) are for a family friend who expressed interest in learning to tat.  The other pair is a large clover shuttle for me – my first large shuttle.

Then I tried to bling some shuttles for Wicked Nothings’ Secret Shuttle Exchange. This is the first time I’ve tried to decorate shuttles. I googled on how to decorate shuttles and come up with decoupage tutorial on Decoromana (http://decoromana.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-to-decoupage-tatting-shuttle.html). The finished product isn’t the best in terms of workmanship. I just hope my shuttle exchange partner will like it. I’ll post pictures of the shuttle after my partner receives it.

I also managed to complete a choker I “designed” for my friend. Though I said I “designed” it, I’m not sure whether the pattern is truly original. The choker is to match a pair of earrings I made for my friend earlier.

Choker in Lizbeth size 20 Jewel

Choker in Lizbeth size 20 Jewel

I tested the large clover shuttles this morning. I must get used to them as the tip keeps poking my fingers.

My 1st large clover shuttles

My 1st large clover shuttles

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My Inaugral Post ……. Finally.

After many months of creating a blog account, I finally managed to really go through the tutorials and start blogging. So this is my very first post.

A little introduction about myself. My name is Sook Yi. I’m from Malaysia, currently living in Kuala Lumpur.

I started this blog to share my interest in tatting…… No, no,  I don’t mean tattoos. Tatting is a lace making technique. I’ll write a little more on the history of tatting in my future posts. Anyway, I learnt to tat only a year back and from the internet. I was attracted to tatting because of all the beautiful jewelry which can be made. Also, it’s really an easy craft to take along as not many tools are needed. I can take my tatting wherever I go with little or no hassle. All I need are some thread, shuttle and a small crochet hook. I think that was what kept me going with this craft when I gave up on other crafts much sooner.

Some pictures of my tatting below. 

Tatted earrings

Hairpins with tatted roses.

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